Transfer Outlook’s Email Address History

You know when you start typing an address into the ‘to’ field in an Outlook email and you see the drop down list of recently used addresses (a bit like the history in Internet Explorer), well that’s pretty handy isn’t it? Well it is, let me tell you. And it’s pretty annoying when you make some changes to your Outlook setup and you loose that history. Well, here’s how you get it back, or transfer it to a new computer:

The auto-complete names are held in a ‘nickname’ file (.nk2).

With Outlook closed, search for *.nk2 and copy the file. Move it to the new computer, and then copy it into the default location.

In Windows XP these files are located in the C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder.

This is a hidden file. To see it, go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View and check “Show hidden files and folders”, then Click OK.

Note that each profile available in Outlook uses a .nk2 file with the same name as the profile. You need to make sure that the .nk2 file has the same name as the profile you’re using.