Sony Ericisson K850i keeps switching off

My K850i keeps switching itself off and/or rebooting the whole time. It’s pretty damn annoying and it looks like I’m not the only person with this problem. A quick Google search shows that this might be a big thing.

If I fnd a fix I’ll let you know. Otherwise there will be a pretty expensive brick for sale on eBay shortly – any bids?


  1. I have a similar problem, I’m not sure if it got to do with the firmware or whatever, but i was texting then my K850 just switched off.

    I tried turning it back on but all it showed was a black screen and the keypad lighting up. and it was doing it three or for times till it stopped.

    I take out the battery and insert it back in and turn it on and it does the same thing. i dont have my sim card or my memory card in and it still did the same thing. i have it on charge and i noticed that when i plugged it in a red/orange light was emitted on the power button, then it just repeats it self with a black screen and the keypad lighting up.

    if anyone has any clue on what the hell is going on! PLEASE HELP!! thanks

  2. simonthegeek says:

    Hi Bob,

    I have seen this before with one of the older SE models (a K750i I think). If you leave the battery out for 30 mins and then try again and still have no joy then it will need to go back to Sony – or an authorised service centre (like some of the bigger Carphone Warhouse branches).

    If you can get it back on, update the firmware straight away.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hey..
    The problem is that the battery falls out and disconnects itself it you touch it, keep it in your pocket, etc.. what you need to do is put a piece of paper in the back of the phone.. seems a bit ridiculous for such a good phone. I’ve been doing some research and I believe it just happens on the first batch of k850i’s distributed. The best bet is to take it back to where you bought it under SE’s warranty and they should replace it for you.. has no problem with the firm ware.

  4. simonthegeek says:


    Thanks for that – it does work. I wedged a bit in and it did the trick. It still goes off every once in a while, but nowhere near as often as it used to.

    That should get me through till i can be bothered to return it……

  5. Thanks calico
    Put paper where the battery is,
    doesnt turn off as much now.
    Thanks :)

  6. It works! Wow! Use paper!
    ps this phone is s**t i hate SE they suck man!

  7. My phone has recently been continually rebooting and freezing. Today it wouldn’t switch back on after doing so. After looking around the internet I came to the conclusion that it was a software problem.
    I found on the SE website you can download the latest software for the phone.
    I can confirm that my phone is now back up and running. Thankfully my photos and numbers we’re already loaded on my computer and sim so haven’t lost any information.
    Be warned this will reset your phone back to factory settings.
    I cannot report whether this has fixed the rebooting problem, but so far so good.

    Hope this will help a few people out in the future :)


  8. Buttons says:

    My K850i is the doing the same thing described above ( black screen, white lights on keypad) however when i connect to a computer the computer does not recognise the phone, i have tried 2 different computers with no success and therefore i am unable to upload newer software.


  9. I have had both problems with the red light behind the power button when connected and the keypad lights with blue ring on camera.

    Paper does not work, SE update didnt help.

    I have taken the phone apart and have read numerous articles about a short in the keypad unit behind the keypad.

    This makes complete sense because the phone will connect to my computer sometimes then disconnect.

    As for flashing use davinci teams services

  10. My sony ericsson k850i screen lights keeps going off with the keys pad lights on but the screen lights comes back when the key pads light goes off totally. Any help on how to solve such an issue