Entourage on an SBS domain – inside the LAN

OK, as a follow on to my post about hooking Entourage up to an SBS server from outside of the LAN, here is a quick guide on how to do it if you are actually sitting on the same network.

As with all things that combine a Mac and an SBS domain, this caused me a few sleepless nights and lots of general agro, so hopefully I can save a few minutes of hair-tearing for someone else by posting the details of my setup:

Entourage Account Settings: (I have version 11.4.0 running on OS 10.4.11)

Name – whatever you like.
Email – the full email address of the user.
Account ID – the username of the user, which for me is just the bit before the @ of the email.
Domain – the internal domain, WITHOUT .local on the end.
Exchange Server – the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) you have setup to point at your server, WITH the /exchange bit on the end.
SLL for DAV – yes.
Override DAV port – no.

Advanced Settings:

Public Folders – FQDN with /public on the end.
Secure DAV – yes.
Override port – no.
LDAP Server – the local, full computer name of your server inside the LAN – like ‘SBS2003′ or whatever you may have called it. Don’t use the FQDN and don’t put .local or anything else on the end.
LDAP Logon – yes.
LDAP SSL – no.
Override LDAP Port – no.

This should get you going, but don’t forget the other important bits that I have mentioned before:

If you don’t have a proper SSL certificate you will see an annoying error message every time. A self-signed cert will get around this, but will bring it’s own problems with it. Godaddy.com will supply you with a ‘proper’ certificate that will get rid of the security warning in Entourage (and get rid of similar messages on mobile devices and also IE7) for about £10 per year, which has got to be worth it in my opinion. (I’ll post more on this in the future).

You must have a proper domain name setup with the ‘A Record’ modified to point at your server’s IP address.

You need to open up the right ports on your router to forward the traffic to the server inside your LAN. This is a massive security issue and needs to be handled carefully, but we’ll go it to that another time.

Also, don’t forget to install all of the latest patches for Entourage. Right now I’m using version 11.4.0.

This setup works great for me, with Mac OSX 10.4.11.

I thank you.