Recover deleted public folders

If you (like me) have some public folders that everyone needs to have full control over for some reason, then you (like me) run the risk of having some of your public folders ‘accidentally’ deleted by stooopid users (like me?).

So it’s well worth taking a look at this: [Read more…]

Change the default folder in Outlook

To change the folder Outlook shows when it first opens, do the following:

Select ‘Tools’.
Choose ‘Options’.
Click on the ‘Other’ tab. [Read more…]

Transfer Outlook’s Email Address History

You know when you start typing an address into the ‘to’ field in an Outlook email and you see the drop down list of recently used addresses (a bit like the history in Internet Explorer), well that’s pretty handy isn’t it? Well it is, let me tell you. And it’s pretty annoying when you make some changes to your Outlook setup and you loose that history. Well, here’s how you get it back, or transfer it to a new computer:
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Out of Office – Switched off by default on SBS2003!

If your users are complaining that their Out of Office Auto-Replies are not working, don’t forget that they are switched off by default in Exchange – so if you have a new installation of SBS2003 you will need to switch them on first.

It’s simple to do: [Read more…]