AVG 9 – Install Issues

I like AVG, it’s free, quiet, small and keeps me safe. But sometimes it can be frustrating to install. If you ever had any problems upgrading from version 8 or 8.5 to the latest release (V9), then check this out: [Read more…]

AVG 8 is turned off – eeek!

After upgrading from AVG free to AVG SBS Edition, I was having a little recurring problem with Vista’s security center telling me that AVG was turned off. On closer inspection (and rather worryingly) it was correct – the resident shield was not operational. A dig into the forums found this: [Read more…]

Invalid update control CTF file – AVG 8

Can’t update AVG 8 because it tells you that you have an invalid update control CTF file?  

(I hate error messages that give no clue as to what you should do about it).  Well, here’s the answer I found deep in the AVG user forums:



[Read more…]