The LG KU990 Viewty – fun but annoying

OK, here is my in-depth review of the LG KU990 (otherwise known as the viewty):

Stills cam – 5MP but you wouldn’t know, pics are pretty average.

Video cam – super slow motion setting is awesome, the first 5 times you do it. Then it’s a little annoying. Normal video is noisy.

Operating system/Interface – clunky and a bit painful. Touch screen is cool but could do with a stylus as I hate fingerprints.

Screen – bright, crisp, big. Sweet.

Battery – average. If you switch it off at night lasts about 2.5 days with average fiddling/use.

Call quality/sound – seems pretty good.

Wow. There you go. Every thing you need to know in 5 mins :) Any questions?


  1. Did you get Google Maps to work on yours?

    Wot about the YouTube upload? I can’t find it!

  2. simonthegeek says:

    Hi Roy,

    Google Maps will only be installed if you got yours as a ‘sim free’ model in the UK – none of the phone operators include it in their version of the firmware. You can download it by visiting on your handset.

    The YouTube upload is only available on the sim free, T-mobile and Three versions. O2, Vodafone and Orange all disable this feature on their units. There is no way to manually add this feature back in.

    Also, Three are the only opererator that install Skype for you too.