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Force link to open in IE when it’s not the default browser

Some sites or apps (mainly badly written ones) really only like to open properly in Internet Explorer. However, anyone with half a brain would ┬áhave ditched IE and set a better browser like FireFox, or my personal favourite, Chrome, as the default – which is great but can cause problems with your desktop shortcuts to web pages.

If you need to create a desktop shortcut to a web page that only works properly in Internet Explorer, [Read more…]

Stop people hotlinking your pics

Don’t you just hate it when you see your photos or hand crafted graphics popping up on other people’s sites?

Well you can’t do much about people copying those kind of files and hosting them on their own site, but we certainly can stop them just lifting everything and using things that are hosted on your server – or ‘hotlinking’ as it’s called. [Read more…]

History.back() – Problems With Chrome and Safari

Had a bit of an issue today with our old friend history.back(). This works fine in IE + FF:

<a href=”#” onclick=”history.back();”>Back</a>

But doesn’t seem to want to play in Chrome or Safari. So I tried to tidy up the code and be a little more strict:

<a href=”#” onclick=”window.history.back(-1);”>Back</a>

But still noy joy. In the end I went for this: [Read more…]

UK Reseller Hosting Comparison

At the moment I have active reseller accounts with 4 of the UK’s biggest web hosts. To be honest, I’m not really totally happy with any of them and I’m still on the lookout for better options, but finding genuine reviews on the net seems to be a nightmare, so I thought I’d write up a little comparison for you.

I guess I’m still looking for the ‘perfect’ reseller account, so if you have ideas please feel free to let me know. (I need somewhere to keep 200+ domains and 120+ active sites).

[Read more…]