‘Cannot Delete File or Folder’ – SOLVED!

At last! A fix for any or all of the following messages:

– Cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program.
– Cannot delete file: Access is denied.
– There has been a sharing violation.
– The source or destination file may be in use.
– The file is in use by another program or user.
– Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use. [Read more…]

AVG 8 is turned off – eeek!

After upgrading from AVG free to AVG SBS Edition, I was having a little recurring problem with Vista’s security center telling me that AVG was turned off. On closer inspection (and rather worryingly) it was correct – the resident shield was not operational. A dig into the forums found this: [Read more…]

Entourage on an SBS domain – inside the LAN

OK, as a follow on to my post about hooking Entourage up to an SBS server from outside of the LAN, here is a quick guide on how to do it if you are actually sitting on the same network.

As with all things that combine a Mac and an SBS domain, this caused me a few sleepless nights and lots of general agro, so hopefully I can save a few minutes of hair-tearing for someone else by posting the details of my setup: [Read more…]

Shutdown Windows from the command line

I had an odd problem with an SBS 2003 box that just would not shutdown the other day. A quick bit of research taught me that it can be done from the command line, which I totally didn’t know (‘cos I’m an idiot): [Read more…]

Recover deleted public folders

If you (like me) have some public folders that everyone needs to have full control over for some reason, then you (like me) run the risk of having some of your public folders ‘accidentally’ deleted by stooopid users (like me?).

So it’s well worth taking a look at this: [Read more…]

Out of Office – Switched off by default on SBS2003!

If your users are complaining that their Out of Office Auto-Replies are not working, don’t forget that they are switched off by default in Exchange – so if you have a new installation of SBS2003 you will need to switch them on first.

It’s simple to do: [Read more…]

SBS CAL’s reset to 5 – where did my licences go?

This has happened to me on a couple of different Small Business Server 2003 boxes, so I thought I’d post the solution up here – to remind me as much as to help anyone else :)

Used to have more than 5 CAL’s but now they have suddenly disappeared? This will be caused by one of 2 things: [Read more…]

RoadSync on the Nokia E61 – still more annoying than useful

Now that Microsoft have started to let people license the new ActiveSync technology Dataviz have released an updated version of their flagship product – RoadSync.

I tried it on my E61 and it’s better than Nokia’s Mail for Exchange, but still not that awesome. Unless you are hooked up with Exchange 2007 you miss out on most of the new features and it still doesn’t sync all the sent items and stuff. [Read more…]