Come in number 33, your time is up…

So I’m back. The holiday was cool, thanks for asking. 7 days in the French Alps with 8 friends, 33 different fruit juices and loads of snow. Covered in bruises now, but I haven’t laughed so much in one week before in my life so it was totally worth it.

The piccy’s are on line if you wanna see them. Just click on the ‘photos’ link on the right.

Plus, here’s a vid of Carl stacking it, just for fun:

[youtube R41P2ao9yjk] 

Hope you had a great New Year too. Now get back to work.

DSCF3412 IMG_1914 DSCF3404 IMG_1916

Ohhhh that sounds exciting

So I’m off snowboarding tomorrow. Should be fun, providing there is actually some snow. Reports at the mo are not great, but we’ll see.

Will send you a postcard, if I can find a mailbox.

Happy new year! 

My Pics

So I’ve started uploading some of my photos, for your enjoyment.

I’m pulling them accross from Flickr, which seems to be working pretty well – but let me know if you spot any problems!

Take a look

So this is Christmas…

What have we done?

Happy Holidays to all. Truth be told, it’s actually boxing day now but being fuelled by the spirit of Christmas (and Budweiser) I thought I would just send out some festive friendliness to you all.

Hope you got what you wanted in amongst all the socks and jumpers and other xmas tat. I got some cool stuff to fiddle with. In fact – I’m going to have a fiddle now.

Good day to you sir.

Video Test

Can we link to YouTube video?

Lets have a go:
[youtube 7ENtgNGVdds]
(I’m gonna leave this here – sorry, but I need it to remind me how to post video!)