Think about it

It’s a fun monkey disease.

Phonic Monkey – Jesus in Black

Oh yeah baby. Here we go:

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The 2nd best Top of the Pops performance ever

I totally forgot they let these guys on… [Read more…]

My Best Moves

This is a short demonstration of some of my best dancefloor shapes.

Check me out. [Read more…]

Fear and punting in Las Cambridge

(That should win some sort of prize for the worst headline ever, sorry)

Happy Halloween!

I can highly recommend the ‘Halloween Ghost Punt’ in Cambridge. Dark, spooky tales and a night-time boat ride, all f0r about 12 quid – bargain. [Read more…]

150MPH in the rain? Nice one.


Yep, that’s me. Look how white my knuckles are! Could I be holding that wheel any tighter?

So, I went to Silverstone yesterday for one of their ‘driving experience’ packages and I got to drive a Lotus Exige around the official Grand Prix track [Read more…]

I’m Tiger Woods

Ok, so maybe I’m not….

[youtube S3e3IjXZZig]


Ok, so here’s a little video I made a few years back. For some reason I just posted it on YouTube, so I figured I might as well add it here to.

I spent a whole hour (or 2) making this, so please excuse it’s crappy-ness:

[youtube iVm7rEg0ANc]

(If you were watching closely you probably spotted the really bad hairdo I had at the time. Don’t worry, it’s gone now)